Free to be!

Free to be!

Tuesday 31st May 2022
Marilyn Johnson

At the end of 2021, I felt inspired to write a blog post that encouraged readers to make a conscious decision to leave the issues of their past behind them as they moved into the new year (blog post here). Now that we are approaching the mid-way point of 2022, I thought that it would be a good time to pause and reflect on how far forward we have come in reaching deeper levels of personal freedom.

Allow me to ask you some questions...

What intentional steps have you taken to break free from any negative or lingering issues that may be hindering you?

Does your life remain open to God's ministry of healing to you?

Are you willing to tread where He desires for you to go in order to be free?

I understand that these questions may yield answers that seem too great to tackle in a single moment, but remember we serve a God that is greater.

The God that is personal

God sees everything about you. This includes any unresolved issues that occupy your mind, heart, or soul. As you walk in greater levels of surrender to the Father, you will grow accustomed to the purifying work that He will bring to the issues of your past (2 Thessalonians 2:3). Here he will break down and remove that which restricts you in order to sanctify and beautify you.

Surrendering to God in this way is never easy, but you can be encouraged to know that you will never be alone in the process. God will remain very close to you as His power sets to work. Through this, you will come to learn to trust Him with your life and will continually grant Him access to work in you this way.

Breaking it down

When seeking God to further understand His will for June's theme, I received a prophetic picture. What God was showing me were old pieces of furniture that represented issues that occupy the 'rooms' of our lives. In order for these issues to go, they first needed to be broken down. In the natural, this dismantling would either come through unscrewing, snapping, or shredding. This is in order for what once stood strong to be appropriately removed and discarded.

God works in a similar way when breaking down our issues. He doesn't just remove a big issue in one go. We will bear witness to this same breaking down of them in order to release to God each piece and component that has restricted us. The breaking down process is vital, as God requires us to not only become free but leave the process with the knowledge of our past that helps to maintain our freedom.

I invite you to journey with At The Well this month as we explore becoming 'Free to be'. I believe that as you join us the breaking down of issues will occur in your life and you will become more assured of exactly how you can partner with God to become free.