A New Beginning

The gospel of John records the account of the Samaritan woman who meets Jesus at a well. The conversation that begins between Jesus and this woman suddenly becomes life-changing as she discovers that He knows the unseen complexities of her life. Astonished and deeply touched by this insight, she goes on to tell others about her experience with Jesus, the one who told her 'all she ever did' (John 4:29).

Like the Samaritan woman, so many feel 'unseen' and are just waiting for somebody that can deeply understand and care about the difficulties that they may have faced.

There is good news, Jesus sees you.

He desires to initiate a work within your life and work by His power to set you free!


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Our Vision:

  • To see women across the world healed to impact their families, communities and nations

Our Mission:

  • To share with women the true and lasting healing that can be found through a relationship with Jesus.
  • To create a safe community where women find the practical tools and resources they need to heal and experience personal freedom.
  • To inspire women to live abundant lives and go on to transform their environments through their powerful healing encounters with Jesus.

Praise for the Ministry

Marilyn is a commited and valued member of ARC. She serves alongside her husband, Marvin, on the eldership team at ARC Thurrock and together they are considered pillars in the church. Marilyn also serves on the intercessory team and has a passion for prayer, the prophetic and people experiencing inner healing.…

Ashley Gabriel, Lead Elder of ARC Thurrock

The workshop conducted by Marilyn was such that it allowed a renewal of mindset to take place. With time to share our own experiences and spiritual and practical steps to move forward, the session left me with something to then carry out in my everyday life. Words of wisdom and…

Phillipa Bamgboye, workshop participant

Thank you for preparing and organising such a brilliant and beautiful session on inner healing. You gave so much space and opportunity for us as women to share and be vulnerable together; as well as teaching and revealing God’s heart to us about his miraculous healing power - thank you.

Michelle Mahorn, workshop participant

Was executed well. People had the chance to ask questions. Was a good worskshop.

Dawn Kelly, workshop participant

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your workshop on inner healing, it really put things into perspective for me and the interaction with all the other ladies was great for me as I realised I wasn't alone in alot of my struggles. I have reflected on…

Mellisa Reid, workshop participant

Really amazing and insightful. Really teaches the route of healing and importance of spiritual healing, really made me reflect on my own walk and journey. Really grateful and can’t wait for more.

Shevon Corbett, workshop participant

‘Inner healing’ workshop was a space for heart hurts to be identified and spoken about, then prayed for through the lens of the Fathers Love.

Rhianne Gabriel, workshop participant