Will You Enter 2022 With the Pain of Your Past?

Tuesday 28th December 2021

How do you desire to enter 2022?

So many continue to walk and live wearing the grave clothes of their past pain and trauma.
However, God wants to strip us of these rags so that He can grace us with the beautiful garments of healing and wholeness He has prepared just for us! Isaiah 61:3

You may have reached this day of December still being in a place of disappointment not wanting to be battling or wrestling with the same issue that has weighed on you so heavily.

I want to remind you that there is still hope! It's not too late. God can breakthrough to the very core of your soul and spirit to release his miraculous healing power to you.

God's Healing Ministry

God's ministry of healing is available to you. His power can bring healing to your woundedness, remove and make clear emotional complexities and restore whatever has been lost or taken from your life.

This happens when you make a decision to walk through the doors of healing that God has for you without looking back at the way things have been for you before...Things can and will change...

Why not make a commitment to leave the pain of your past in 2021 and commit to walking in wholeness and greater measures of freedom in 2022? God wants you there!

Allow me to pray with you...

Father right now I commit to you your son or your daughter and the pain and trauma that they may still be carrying within their hearts and mind in this very moment. I pray that you would release your forgiveness into their hearts, minds and spirits that they will feel empowered to release all and place every single matter pertaining to insert into your hands.

Father God I pray that you would release your peace into the hearts and minds that have been aching. I pray that you would pour oil and wine into the wounds that are seeping and you would provide comfort there and a true release.

I pray for every mind that needs to experience your peace and for the breaking that needs to happen because of the hold that some of these issues may have on your children. Break it up God, have your hand over the situation releasing your peace and power over the situation now in the mighty name of Jesus.

Position your child to stand in victory, over and above every matter within their life that has been sent to destroy them. You have said in your word that you have given us power to trample upon every serpent and scorpion, Luke 10:19. As you empower your child to trample and destroy these works of darkness, shake off every dark cloud and break every chain that seeks to hold them back so that they cannot launch into 2022 into the way you desire for them to.

Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper and problem solver. Have your hand of powerful intervention in the life of your child now.

I speak and prophecy now into those who are in a place of isolation, isolated and living life where only their problems are their companion, God sees you. He wants to converse with you and He wants to move you forward. He wants to set you free! Hallelujah

I speak a release to every reader who may be harbouring bitterness and unforgiveness within their hearts, I speak a release from this torment and I cancel any jealousy or envy that may be attached these feelings.

For those who have been carrying a burden that it too hard to bear, I pray that your power God will break and shatter to pieces that weight

For the heart that is burdened and aching, I speak a miraculous and divine release from that which is dragging it down.

God desires for you to know that He sees all of these things, He sees you, He sees your heart cry. I write to some of you who even felt even within this very moment like giving up and you were waiting for a sign to show you that God is still with you and he still cares. This is your sign. He's with you. He loves you. He desires to break out as healer and deliverer within your life today. He desires to release miracles over your life in this moment.

Hear Him...
Lean into Him...
Believe in Him...
Trust Him to see you through...
There is an end to this...

He is powerful and He is working

God bless you my child