Will You Enter 2022 With the Pain of Your Past?

Will You Enter 2022 With the Pain of Your Past?

Tuesday 28th December 2021

Many women walk and live wearing the grave clothes of their past pain and trauma.
Usually, they are not dressed from head to toe in these tatters, but the 'clothing' they wear and present to others, may bear the frayed components of their past that need to be removed or repaired.

God desires to do this reparative work within us so that we can be graced with the beautiful garments of healing and wholeness He desires for us to wear! Isaiah 61:3

You may have reached this day of December with some very real and present needs and may even be in a place of disappointment that you are still wrestling with the same issues.

There is hope! God can break through to the very core of your soul and spirit to release his miraculous healing power to you. This will be in order to free you of every burden attached to your soul or spirit.

God's Healing Ministry

God's ministry of healing is available to you. His power can bring healing to your woundedness, remove and make clear emotional complexities and restore whatever has been lost or taken from your life.

This happens when you make a decision to walk through the doors of healing that God has for you without looking back at the way things have been for you before.

With God, things can and will change.

Why not make a commitment to leave the pain of your past in 2021 and commit to walking in wholeness and greater measures of freedom in 2022?

Allow me to pray with you...

Father, right now I pray that you will show your daughter the area of her life that you desire to touch and heal. Give her the strength and courage needed to face and confront these issues. and in your grace, deliver her and set her free.

In Jesus name, amen!

To read how God's healing power works in our lives, read and meditate on the following scriptures.

Philippians 4:6-7
Psalm 147:3
Matthew 11:28-30
Psalm 34:19