Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Woman

Sunday 19th March 2023
Karen Joseph

Beautiful woman, strong woman
Filled with boldness make haste
Come out to meet Me you no longer need to hide your face

Have you forgotten or did you not know
That I your Heavenly Father made you a thing of beauty so long ago
I shaped you and molded you into what I wanted you to be,
In the true image and likeness of only Me

Others may have their opinion of how you should be
They tried to destroy you and cause you so much pain
But beautiful woman it's time for you to regain all that was stolen
Things can never remain the same

Beautiful woman I crafted you with my own hands no longer can they harm you
For I am the solid rock on which you stand
Beautiful woman your peace is now divine
And the world cannot understand it because it is mine

Given to you as a blessing from above a testament of my unfailing love
There are times when you will grow weary and tempted to flee
From the promises I've made to you and how it must be

But don't be discouraged just keep trusting in me
For I am not like man that I should lie
My unconditional love for you will never die

Beautiful woman standing tall like a tree planted by the waters you shall not be moved
Fear not my beautiful child you have nothing to prove
Beautiful woman come taste and see that the Lord your God is good and forever filled with grace

I will walk with you always throughout this time and space...