Embracing Healthy Womanhood

Embracing Healthy Womanhood

Saturday 30th April 2022
Marilyn Johnson

Womanhood - the qualities considered to be natural to or characteristic of a woman

God created woman from the rib of man. Whilst forming her, He intentionally placed within her all of the unique components that would allow her to fulfil her mandate and assignment on Earth.
Once the woman had been created, He declared this blessing to her and her husband;

'"Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground." Genesis 1:28

To this very day, every woman still carries within her this same mandate to be fruitful, multiply and live from a place of dominion and authority.

We have been created to occupy the positions that God has assigned for us so that we can function and operate as the blessings and helpers that He has ordained for us to be.

There are so many ways that in just being a woman you affect where you inhabit. Part of the blessing received from others through us is the way that we think. Outwardly focused, we are contemplative of the futures of those we serve. We ensure that their experiences will be full, loving, and complete.

Why our womanhood is targeted

God knows who He has created women to be for their communities and families. And because the enemy knows this also, he has a desire to cause women to become unstable in their experience of womanhood. This not only causes suffering but also robs them of the beautiful function they provide to those connected to them.

This month, God wants to bless you in your womanhood. He wants you assured of who He has created you to be. As you journey with us in the theme 'Embracing Healthy Womanhood' you will be built up as a woman and begin to unearth the gems God has placed within you. You will become aware of the way that you have been uniquely crafted and understand more readily how in embracing you, you bless others.