A change of season, new awakenings, new life!

A change of season, new awakenings, new life!

Thursday 31st March 2022
Marilyn Johnson

See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Songs of Song 2:11

Long and cold winter nights can change our moods and outlook, changing the way we think and feel throughout the day. When the season changes and the sun shines for longer, we feel revived and receive fresh strength to begin again.

We see this same occurrence reflected in nature with the sightings of budding plants and spring flowers around March/April time. Underneath that cold, hard soil lies the beginnings of new life waiting to emerge. All that is needed to initiate this emergence of new life breaking through the soils is a shift in season.

Just like nature, our lives also experience seasonal change. What may seem like extended periods of darkness can be invigorated and awakened through a shift in season. The 'Son' can shine on us again giving us the strength we need to break free and begin again.

Other times, God will turn the pages on a particular chapter in our life in order for us to live in a new phase that has been written by Him. One where we can stand on top of our past experiences and be propelled into all that God has for us.

A moment of transparency...

I'm no stranger to new seasons, at the age of eighteen I found myself in complex and challenging circumstance. I had ended up pregnant for a much older man with whom I had no future. The beginning of this new life within me would cause would I felt to be the death of my eighteen year hopes and dreams.

Surely, I would never be able to recover from this?

What I now know is that my mistakes provided an opportunity for God to create a new pathway for me. This pathway would allow me to begin again and with time and perseverance I was living in the abundance of my new season, able to fulfil my earlier dreams and ambitions. (I share in more detail how this process happened here)

God is always working behind the scenes of our lives, working things out for our good. (Romans 8:28)

God wants to remind you that it's a new season!