God sees your life at the deepest possible context

Sunday 4th July 2021
Marilyn Johnson

Have you ever seen a bird's eye view of interchanging roads? It is difficult at times to know where each road began or where each road is going to. This is what our lives would look like were somebody to view it within the same way. A series of different events, occurrences that intertwine and intermingle to make up who we are.

Being our creator, God knows us very deeply and intimately. Because we are comprised of body, soul and spirit there are layers to our lives that go beyond what people may know about us based on face value interactions (1 Thessalonians 5:23). In his power, God is able to go beyond the surface of our lives and into the deeper layers and foundations of who we are (Psalm 139).

Just like a section of interchanging roads, God knows your complete journey from beginning to end. This includes each pitstop and significant milestone along the way. This is true whether these milestones have been either positive or negative.

Because of the loving nature of God and His relationship with us in the position of Father, He doesn't keep all of this knowledge about our lives to himself. If a pitstop in your life has caused you to not access life in the fullest possible way that you should be he will make you aware of this through his revealing light. How does this happen you may ask?

We are all individual in the way that we receive revelation from God. Some of us may just have a moment of 'knowing', where God heightens our awareness about events of our past at a greater level of understanding than what we have experienced. For others, God will use His Word, the counsel of others or prophecy. When we receive the same level of insight that God has about an area of our life this will become the perfect catalyst to initiate you on a journey towards personal freedom. Furthermore, it equips us with the knowledge and understanding that our life has been seen by God and we have always been under the eye of his watchful care. (Genesis 16:13)